3 Ways a Diabetes Management Program Can Help with Employee Retention

February 2020

Diabetes diagnoses are on the rise in the United States, and so are the costs associated with managing the disease. Today it is one of the most expensive conditions for employer-sponsored healthcare plans to cover—but doing so is well worth the cost.

More than half of employees list healthcare coverage as a deciding factor when they consider leaving their current job. That coverage is even more crucial for employees living with a complex disease like diabetes.

Here's how a company-sponsored diabetes management program can help you reduce turnover and keep your best talent.

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1) Providing individualized care options

Diabetes is a life-changing disease. It affects each individual differently, and there's no one-size-fits all plan for daily management. If you have 10 employees with diabetes, that's 10 sets of unique needs that most healthcare plans don't accommodate.

The RocheDiabetes Health Connection is a better way forward for employees and employers alike. The program pairs your staff with personal diabetes coaches. Through one-on-one, on-demand coaching, these healthcare professionals offer individualized management plans based on the unique needs of each employee.

A supportive, individualized care plan for employees with diabetes isn't out of reach. Enroll in the RocheDiabetes Health Connection and you'll see the difference.

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2) Making management easier

Diabetes is a full-time job. People living with the disease have to make significant decisions about their health several times a day, every day. As a result, 43% of diabetes cases are considered "uncontrolled"—which contributes to stress for the individual and potential turnover for companies.

A company-sponsored diabetes management can bring control back to an employee's daily health. One of the many perks of the RocheDiabetes Health Connection is unlimited access to Accu-Chek testing supplies. Without even placing an order, your employees will get the tools they need to make managing their diabetes easier every day—delivered right to their homes. When uncontrolled diabetes becomes controlled, it saves your employees a lot of daily hassle. And as an employer, it can save you on average $8,071 per year per person on healthcare costs.1

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3) Finding flexibility

It's estimated that the average adult spends 50% of their waking hours during the week at work. By necessity, that means a lot of diabetes management happens in the office space. Cultivating a flexible environment for employees with diabetes can go a long way.

Your accommodations can be as simple as designating a private room in the office for employees who need to check their blood sugar. For a more institutional change, it could mean making arrangements for employees who regularly need to consult a doctor during the workday.

A proven, progressive benefits package that includes a plan for employees with diabetes is becoming an indispensable tool in the corporate world.

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