White Papers

March 2021
How employers can make the most of remote diabetes care

Learn how simple telehealth is to implement at companies of all sizes

January 2021
Rising to the challenge of better diabetes health: The role of coaching in daily management

See how personal coaching makes a measurable impact on diabetes self-care, and why that's key to workplace performance

March 2020
The employer's guide for tackling diabetes in the workplace

Discover the key to optimized diabetes management and how you can reduce costs, drive better health outcomes and increase employee satisfaction


Diabetes in the Workplace

July 2021
Let’s Talk Numbers: Why Diabetes Care Is Essential to a Well-Rounded Benefits Portfolio

Why Diabetes Care Is Essential to a Well-Rounded Benefits Portfolio

October 2020
Give Control Back to Your Employees with Diabetes

Create an easier way for your practice's diabetes professionals to connect remotely with your patients

October 2020
An average workday with diabetes

What's standing between you and better support for your employees with diabetes? If you're like most employers, it's that you haven't seen the difference support can make firsthand

August 2020
The Daily Stakes of Diabetes in the Workplace

It's not always easy for people with diabetes to get the support they need

March 2020
Fight workplace absenteeism with better diabetes management

When diabetes prevents your top talent from showing up for work, it's time to take action

March 2020
Diabetes management and cost savings go hand in hand

Diabetes is a costly disease to manage. It's one of the highest of any chronic disease

February 2020
3 Ways a Diabetes Management Program Can Help with Employee Retention

Diabetes diagnoses are on the rise in the United States, and so are the costs associated with managing the disease

COVID-19 and Diabetes

April 2021
Livestream: Improving Diabetes Health Outcomes in the Era of Remote Care

Spend half an hour with a leading diabetes educator and a patient advocate

April 2021
Diabetes Management Trends in the Work-from-Home Workforce

As we continue to adapt to a work-from-home workforce, employers are wondering how they can best support their employees through meaningful health benefits

September 2020
3 ways to support remote employees with diabetes

As COVID-19 has led to social distancing, self-isolation and work-from-home arrangements continuing for longer than many might have expected

August 2020
Building Your Diabetes-Friendly Workplace

Places of business are under a critical eye right now. Offices that have been able to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic have taken great steps to keep their employees safe

About the Program

April 2021
Using Technology to Provide Personalized Diabetes Management

It’s long been understood that diabetes takes many forms. Even beyond type 1 and type 2 which most Americans are aware of, there’s latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA)

February 2021
How to Uber a Diabetes Business Before it Gets Kodak-ed (Digital Health Today 360°)

Learn more about how RocheDiabetes is taking bold steps to help payers deliver better outcomes and experiences for those living with diabetes

January 2021
3 common pitfalls of diabetes coaching programs

Learn how simple telehealth is to implement at companies of all sizes

November 2020
Overcoming the barriers to better diabetes health

See how changing perceptions can change health outcomes for people with diabetes, saving money and improving long-term well-being

October 2020
The Power of "Normal" for Employees with Diabetes

A successful health benefits program can't always be measured by revolutionary change. Sometimes it's better measured by how naturally it fits into the lives of your employees

September 2020
Coach on Your Own—Your Caregivers, Our App

Health systems are operating in a much different world than they were in early 2020. There has been an unprecedented shift in the way they deliver care

Workplace Research

March 2020
Is diabetes a secret in your company? New survey reveals personalized support can help employees with diabetes go from hiding to health.

Two in five (40%) employees with diabetes keep their disease hidden from their bosses and co-workers

December 2019
Benefits decision-makers say simplifying diabetes management improves employee health and the company bottom line

Diabetes doesn’t quit. According to the findings of a new survey of 200 benefits decision-makers

December 2019
Reduced sick time and workplace empowerment among the benefits of workplace diabetes management support

Every company wants its employees to feel confident, empowered and not distracted by health issues at work

October 2019
Survey of benefits decision-makers about the burden of diabetes in the workplace reveals sleepless nights, secrets and solutions

Two in three (67%) benefits decision-makers believe diabetes in the workplace is a significant financial burden