White Papers

March 2021
How employers can make the most of remote diabetes care

Learn how simple telehealth is to implement at companies of all sizes

January 2021
Rising to the challenge of better diabetes health: The role of coaching in daily management

See how personal coaching makes a measurable impact on diabetes self-care, and why that's key to workplace performance

March 2020
The employer's guide for tackling diabetes in the workplace

Discover the key to optimized diabetes management and how you can reduce costs, drive better health outcomes and increase employee satisfaction


About the Program

April 2021
Using Technology to Provide Personalized Diabetes Management

It’s long been understood that diabetes takes many forms. Even beyond type 1 and type 2 which most Americans are aware of, there’s latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA)

February 2021
How to Uber a Diabetes Business Before it Gets Kodak-ed (Digital Health Today 360°)

Learn more about how RocheDiabetes is taking bold steps to help payers deliver better outcomes and experiences for those living with diabetes

January 2021
3 common pitfalls of diabetes coaching programs

Learn how simple telehealth is to implement at companies of all sizes

November 2020
Overcoming the barriers to better diabetes health

See how changing perceptions can change health outcomes for people with diabetes, saving money and improving long-term well-being

October 2020
The Power of "Normal" for Employees with Diabetes

A successful health benefits program can't always be measured by revolutionary change. Sometimes it's better measured by how naturally it fits into the lives of your employees

September 2020
Coach on Your Own—Your Caregivers, Our App

Health systems are operating in a much different world than they were in early 2020. There has been an unprecedented shift in the way they deliver care

May 2020
Provide Trusted Support for Employees with Diabetes

Choosing the right employee health plan can be a Herculean task. There's rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, especially when you consider the needs of employees with complex diseases such as diabetes

April 2020
Remote Support Is Ready and Waiting for Your Employees with Diabetes

With many doctors' offices closed for in-person visits, healthcare organizations across the U.S. have seen a dramatic shift in the way they provide patient care

April 2020
Pillars of a successful diabetes wellness plan

Better performance at work starts with better health. For your employees with diabetes, a company-sponsored wellness plan can help them bring their best to work every day