Benefits decision-makers say simplifying diabetes management improves employee health and the company bottom line

December 2019

Diabetes doesn’t quit. According to the findings of a new survey of 200 benefits decision-makers sponsored by Roche Diabetes Care, 2 in 3 (67%) believe their employees with diabetes find that everyday management of the condition feels like a second full-time job.

Employers want to ease this burden. The majority (84%) of those surveyed say providing support to employees with diabetes is among their top three priorities in the next 12 months, especially given two-thirds (67%) say diabetes is a significant financial burden to their companies. Of these, 86% believe difficulty managing diabetes is responsible for absenteeism among employees with the condition.

Secrets and solutions infographic

A solution nearly all (96%) agree with is a workplace support package that simplifies diabetes management. The survey revealed:1

  • Nine in 10 (89%) agree a company-supported program for employees with diabetes could lead to a higher quality of life as well as reduced sick time and related expenses
  • 84% say a company-sponsored program would likely contribute to increased productivity

RocheDiabetes Health Connection provides employees with diabetes personalized digital coaching, automatic blood sugar tracking via the mySugr app and unlimited Accu-Chek® testing supplies delivered right to their homes—a package of support that results in improved diabetes control for participating employees and direct benefits to the company's bottom line.

“There is comfort in knowing I can test as often as I like without worrying about insurance, prescriptions, quantity limits and even doctors asking why I even want to test that frequently,” said Jeff C.,2 a participant in RocheDiabetes Health Connection offered at his company. “I know when I am engaged with my diabetes, I achieve better outcomes. Now 50 days in, I am more engaged than I ever, and the experiences and results have been great!”

1The Roche Diabetes Care Survey was conducted online by Opinion Research Corporation among 201 U.S. benefits decision-makers at self-funded companies, adults ages 21-75, between July 11-17, 2019, using an email invitation and an online survey. Data on file.

2 Testimonial on file.