Diabetes Management Trends in the Work-from-Home Workforce

April 2021

As we continue to adapt to a work-from-home workforce, employers are wondering how they can best support their employees through meaningful health benefits. There’s been much discussion about when things will return to “normal” after the pandemic. But some elements of the pandemic are here to stay — and for people with diabetes, that could spell a very significant victory for their health. Endocrinology was one of the top specialties to take advantage of remote care early in the pandemic,1 and to great effect.

The number of Americans with chronic conditions like diabetes who participated in at least one telehealth visit since the COVID-19 outbreak increased by 77%.1 Some health systems discovered an even more promising statistic: that diabetes care provided via telemedicine can successfully reach more patients than traditional face-to-face visits.2 By giving people with diabetes easier access to their care team from the comfort of home, they have increased support for their daily diabetes management. Support is no longer limited to the scant moments a person has face-to-face with their doctor once or twice a year — and that’s a trend RocheDiabetes Health Connection is proud to be a part of.

For a deeper dive into diabetes management trends in the work-from-home workforce, download our white paper, "How employers can make the most of remote diabetes care". You’ll learn how remote care is paving the way for clinically meaningful outcomes, and how RocheDiabetes Health Connection can help your business take a step in the right direction for your employees with diabetes.

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