Fight workplace absenteeism with better diabetes management

March 2020

When diabetes prevents your top talent from showing up for work, it's time to take action. A company-sponsored diabetes management program can go a long way toward keeping your employees in better health and ultimately reducing absenteeism.

The true cost of diabetes

The toll diabetes takes on the body can't be understated. On a long-term basis, it can cause heart disease, kidney damage and other serious health implications, but it also has tangible ramifications on a person's daily life. Many people who live with the disease struggle with fatigue and other daily complications that can hinder their ability to come to work.

The American Diabetes Association estimates that diabetes-related absenteeism costs employers over $90 billion each year in lost productivity.1 That figure takes into account those additional sick days as well as the effect daily fatigue can have on a productive work week. In extreme cases, these concerns can become grounds for employee turnover. Nearly 1/3 of benefits decision-makers say they have experienced increased costs to replace workers due to diabetes-related absenteeism.2

The takeaway is clear: employers must either help their employees take control of diabetes or brace themselves for the ramifications of absenteeism.

How to bring diabetes under control

A company-sponsored diabetes plan is the solution, but to understand its efficacy you must understand the difference between controlled and uncontrolled diabetes. When the disease is properly managed, it still requires ongoing time and attention, but it is less likely that an employee will experience health emergencies or problems that get in the way of daily life. However, uncontrolled diabetes can add up to major costs, serious health complications and increased absenteeism.

RocheDiabetes Health Connection drives savings for your business by providing simple, structured glucose testing, personalized coaching, and automated supply replenishment for your employees.2,3 It's a blueprint for successful navigation and better management of diabetes, and it has helped leading companies go to bat for their employees.

One of the premier features of the RocheDiabetes Health Connection is preventive coaching through the mySugr app. Employees with diabetes are paired with a personal coach who develops a care regimen tailored to each individual's lifestyle. By keeping an eye on their health over time, the coach can help catch any health worries early, before they result in emergencies or absenteeism. Currently, over 3 million people with diabetes use the mySugr app to better monitor their diabetes, and the results are telling. Participation in the mySugr program has been associated with significant reductions in estimated HbA1c at 16 weeks in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.2 Better overall health begins with better management, and mySugr is a powerful tool for bringing diabetes under control.

Promote better health in your workplace and notice the difference it has on absenteeism. Learn more about RocheDiabetes Health Connection and bring your best employees back to work.

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