Give Control Back to Your Employees with Diabetes

October 2020

Every employer wants an engaged company, in which employees are excited to come to work because they love what they do. It's not an unreasonable goal—but it is an unrealistic one if you aren't giving your employees the right kind of support.

In our recent poll, 50% of respondents said that they've considered leaving a job because of their company's health benefits.1 With diabetes being one of the most prevalent conditions in the U.S. and continuing to grow, it's critical that your benefits package gives meaningful support to your employees with diabetes.

We turned to Adam Berman, Director of Franchise Marketing at Roche Diabetes Care to talk about the challenges faced by people with diabetes and how the RocheDiabetes Health Connection can help.

Empowerment through agency

One of the most frustrating aspects of diabetes is the loss of control. "For most people with diabetes, every day is filled with dozens of decisions that directly impact their health," Berman explains. "Usually, those decisions have a correct answer—'I could eat this, but it would risk spiking my blood sugar. I could skip testing this morning, but then I'm flying blind.'"

"Even more frustrating," he adds, "Is that even if you make all the 'right' choices, you can still get caught off guard by unexplained fluctuations in your blood sugar."

Feeling like your health is out of control is a major emotional burden and it can quickly become a financial one, too. The question, then, is how can a program like the RocheDiabetes Health Connection give greater agency to your employees? It's simple. You're giving people choices that help them make smart decisions every day, such as:

  • Are you getting all the information you need from healthcare professionals or would you like additional support from a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist®?
  • Would you like to continue using your current blood glucose meter or would you like a new Accu-Chek® model?
  • Do you prefer to buy your blood sugar testing supplies from the pharmacy or would you like unlimited supplies delivered to your door for no cost?

Another key to empowerment is helping your employees with diabetes reach their health goals—and it's not always safe to assume what those might be. Berman says, "For some people, it might be as simple as getting more exercise or losing weight. But for others, it may mean getting to a point where they have the energy to play with their kids for just 15 more minutes every day."

"Our program can help your employees set goals that are meaningful to them—and achieve them. Ultimately, it's about leading a more fulfilling life by letting them call the shots."

Signs of a more empowered workforce

What does a workplace look like when employees have more control over diabetes? "First and foremost, they'll be at work more often," offers Berman. "Data suggests that better management will decrease diabetes-related absenteeism."

But the real "aha!" moment will come when you simply talk to your employees. "It usually happens in everyday conversation. Employees share just how significant it is to have their health supported. Giving them more freedom of choice goes a long way. The unlimited testing supplies don't hurt, either!"

When you relieve some of the everyday burdens of diabetes, your employees will feel a weight lifted from their shoulders—and the effects are palpable. Participation in the mySugr program has been associated with significant reductions in estimated HbA1c at 16 weeks in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.3 It has also been shown that improving glycemic control can lower healthcare costs by up to $2,500 per patient in the first year following improvement.2,3

"We all have distractions from our work," says Berman. "But making diabetes management easier removes one major distraction from your employees' plates. They'll notice the difference, and you will too."

Give employees more control over diabetes and take back control of morale in your workplace. Take just 15 minutes to see what's included in the RocheDiabetes Health Connection program. Schedule your demo today.

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