Pillars of a successful diabetes wellness plan

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Better performance at work starts with better health. For your employees with diabetes, a company-sponsored wellness plan can help them bring their best to work every day.

A successful diabetes wellness plan such as RocheDiabetes Health Connection builds on several pillars that help your employees stay healthy and work to their fullest. Here are some of the major benefits your employees can expect when you enroll. .

Unlimited diabetes testing supplies
Unlimited diabetes testing supplies

Managing diabetes is expensive, especially if employees don’t have the support they need. The average person with diabetes under control spends about $13,418 each year on diabetes management—and that number shoots up to $21,193 when their condition is uncontrolled.

Wellness programs recognize that diabetes can take a large financial toll on your employees' lives. That's why RocheDiabetes Health Connection offers unlimited Accu-Chek® testing supplies with free home delivery. Your employees will save on the supplies they need, including blood glucose meters, test strips and lancing devices so they can bring diabetes—and its associated costs—under control.

Logging results made simple
Logging results made simple

Keeping track and learning from testing results is crucial for people with diabetes. People generally use paper logbooks to record their results, but as you can imagine, those books can become hard to decipher after weeks and weeks of notes.

RocheDiabetes Health Connection makes logging less of a chore thanks to the mySugr app. mySugr is a much simpler way to log results. The app connects to an employee's blood glucose meter using Bluetooth® technology, automatically logging new results whenever they test. It's one less thing to worry about, and data can be exported in an easy-to-read format for future reference.

Logging results made simple
A better connection to healthcare

Managing diabetes is a full-time job, and your employees' healthcare providers play a critical role in how successful they will be. RocheDiabetes Health Connection strengthens this all-important relationship by allowing providers to connect with their patients' mySugr data.

When an employee sets up automatic logging of their results, they have the option to share that data directly with their healthcare provider. This lets providers keep a closer eye on your employees' health between appointments. And when it's time for an office visit, they can spend less time collecting data and more time having meaningful discussions.

Logging results made simple
Personal coaching

Your employees' care teams go beyond their healthcare providers. Many people with diabetes rely on other professionals, as well as friends and family, to support their health journey. RocheDiabetes Health Connection introduces a helpful ally to the care team: a personal diabetes coach.

Diabetes coaches offer your employees an extra layer of day-to-day support. Each person's assigned coach will get to know their unique needs, to help them set short-term personal goals and strive for long-term wins. With a coach on their care teams, your employees' daily monitoring can lead to better clinical outcomes.

Every pillar of RocheDiabetes Health Connection can help your employees connect with better diabetes management. They'll notice the difference in their everyday lives and you'll notice it in the quality of their work. Schedule a brief demo today.

The mySugr program makes diabetes management easy.
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