The Power of "Normal" for Employees with Diabetes

October 2020

A successful health benefits program can't always be measured by revolutionary change. Sometimes it's better measured by how naturally it fits into the lives of your employees.

To see what real success for diabetes benefits looks like, we spoke with Molly Benkarski, Customer Success Manager at Roche Diabetes Care. We asked how the RocheDiabetes Health Connection gives employees the support they need while returning some much-needed normalcy to their lives.

The New Normal with Diabetes
When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, a lot changes. This lifelong condition affects what a person eats, how much exercise they need, how they care for their overall health and many other aspects of life that are easy to take for granted.

The day-to-day management is constant. Fluctuating blood sugar means people with diabetes have to stay vigilant about signs of high and low blood sugar. "Just being aware of how a meal or a stressful meeting can affect your blood sugar is a lot to handle," says Benkarski.

A change in routine can instantly affect daily diabetes health

Big changes can add a lot of tension to anyone's life. With diabetes in the mix, this can spell a disaster waiting to happen. "A change in routine can instantly affect daily diabetes health," warns Benkarski. "If a person isn't prepared for those changes, they could end up in an urgent situation." In fact, people with diabetes account for a quarter of all emergency room visits in the U.S.

Complicating all of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we all live. However, it poses an even greater risk of serious complications for people with diabetes.2 Today, even popping out to the store to fill their monthly diabetes test strip prescription can seem like a gamble—and a big change from the normal routine.

Thoughtful features help employees feel supported
A key benefit of the RocheDiabetes Health Connection is the way it can simply make life feel a bit more normal. By including free, unlimited delivery of test strips right to your employees' door, on their preferred schedule, the program removes some of the worry about leaving the house. By allowing users to send detailed blood glucose and health trends to their care team with the mySugr app, the program helps keep relationships with healthcare professionals strong, even in the age of remote healthcare.

Even more, RocheDiabetes Health Connection can help your employees set goals for their own new normal, and prevent diabetes from getting worse.

Maintaining their condition can avoid further progression and complications

"For someone with type 2 diabetes," Benkarski explains, "Maintaining their condition can avoid further progression and complications. Today, management might be as simple as testing blood sugar a few times a day, but it can easily progress to a more complicated routine."

"The RocheDiabetes Health Connection gives your employees proper resources to manage their condition so that they can stay in control long term," she continues. Helping people with diabetes establish a repeatable, healthy routine today can have lasting implications for their lifelong health.

See how it works—schedule a quick, free demo
RocheDiabetes Health Connection is the big step toward normalcy and better diabetes health for your employees. Set up a free, 15-minute demo so you can learn what the program includes and see just how powerful an impact it can make on your workplace.

You'll get an introduction to the RocheDiabetes team who will be available to answer your questions and tailor the program to your needs. "Ultimately, I'm here to be as involved as employers need me to be!" says Benkarski. "I work to make the rollout, implementation and ongoing support as seamless as possible, shouldering as much of the workload as I can."

Once a company enrolls, employers receive regular reports on program metrics such as enrollment, engagement and outcomes, so you are fully aware of the overall success of the program. What's more, your dedicated customer success manager will be available for open enrollment, health fairs and other events to get your employees up and running with the new tools for their success.

"We pride ourselves on bringing true relief to people with diabetes," says Benkarski. "I'm always here to make sure we're delivering on that for your employees and that you feel fully supported throughout the entire process."

Take 15 minutes now to see how we put the new normal in motion. Request your free demo of the RocheDiabetes Health Connection today.

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