Provide Trusted Support for Employees with Diabetes

May 2020

Choosing the right employee health plan can be a Herculean task. There's rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, especially when you consider the needs of employees with complex diseases such as diabetes.

The best way to understand your employees' needs? Look at what they're already doing to support their personal health every day—checking their blood glucose levels and making lifestyle decisions based on those results. For millions of people with diabetes, Accu-Chek products are the solution that makes management simply easy. That's why they're the backbone of the RocheDiabetes Health Connection.

Accu-Chek lineup

RocheDiabetes Health Connection is an integrated diabetes management program for businesses like yours. It offers customized, all-in-one support that puts unlimited Accu-Chek products in the hands of your employees who rely on them.

How Accu-Chek products simplify diabetes management
RocheDiabetes Care, the maker of Accu-Chek products, is a leader in diabetes management. With more than 40 years of experience, our number-one goal is to help people with diabetes track and manage their blood sugar so they can take better control of their health.

Our Accu-Chek family of products was designed to make management simply easy. After all, diabetes is complex—but checking sugar doesn't have to be. These are just some of the convenient features that make Accu-Chek a trusted partner in diabetes management:

  • Simply take just one strip—Unlike traditional designs, a spill-resistant SmartPack® vial lets users take one and spill none.
  • Simply use the entire end of the strip—Users place a small drop of blood anywhere along the end instead of on a tiny spot, making it easier to complete a test.
  • Simply see test results—A large, easy-to-read display makes it simple to see test results.
  • Simply more accurate—Accu-Chek Guide test strips deliver advanced 10/10 accuracy for reliable results users can trust.1

People with diabetes know they can rely on Accu-Chek products wherever and whenever they need them. Unfortunately, many other diabetes solutions are private-label products only found in certain stores. Accu-Chek products, on the other hand, are widely available at major retailers across the country and even on Amazon. And better outcomes begin with better access.

mySugr starter kit

When you enroll in the RocheDiabetes Health Connection, your employees with diabetes will get the supplies they need delivered right to their door for free, however often they need them. It's one simple way to make management less of a hassle.

Plus: mySugr app and remote support
Ongoing support is as critical to positive outcomes as having the right tools. That's why each employee who is enrolled in the RocheDiabetes Health Connection program gets access to mySugr, a leading diabetes management app.

1.48% reduction of HbA1c estimated2

Over 2 million people with diabetes use mySugr to connect to better health outcomes. The app has a 4.6-star user experience rating and is available for Apple and Android devices.3 No matter what platform your employees use, mySugr connects to their Accu-Chek meter to automatically track their blood sugar test results.

Automatic logging makes daily life easier and paves the way for valuable remote diabetes management. mySugr allows users to share their testing data and trends with their healthcare team. Providers can make more informed decisions about their patients' health and provide guidance based on empirical data.

The result? mySugr program participants see significant reductions in estimated HbA1c levels—the long-term measure of blood sugar—in just 16 weeks. That means better health and a better ability to bring their best to work.

Find out more about RocheDiabetes Health Connection—the only remote monitoring and management program that brings trusted Accu-Chek supplies and mySugr support right to your employees' homes. Schedule your 15-minute demo today and see why your employees trust us with their diabetes health.

195% of the measured glucose results shall fall within ±10 mg/dL of lab reference value for blood glucose concentrations <100 mg/dL and within 10% for blood glucose concentrations ≥100 mg/dL. Data on file.

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