Remote Support Is Ready and Waiting for Your Employees with Diabetes

April 2020

With many doctors' offices closed for in-person visits, healthcare organizations across the U.S. have seen a dramatic shift in the way they provide patient care. For now, appointments by phone or through video chat are the way of the world. That can make daily life a greater challenge for your employees with diabetes.

After all, people with diabetes make impactful decisions about their health multiple times each day. Losing access to a doctor's face-to-face guidance can be a real setback—but it doesn't have to be. RocheDiabetes Health Connection makes remote diabetes management and guidance easier for your employees and their care teams.

Simplifying Care through Automatic Data Capture

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Since its debut in 2012, the free mySugr diabetes management app has helped more than 2 million people change the way they access care and support for diabetes. mySugr is a key component of the RocheDiabetes Health Connection program, as it allows a participant to pair their blood glucose monitor to the app on their phone. Whenever they test their blood sugar, their meter automatically transmits the testing data to mySugr without the need for extra steps or manual data entry.

A Single, Shared Platform for Better Management

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Using the app, your employees can automatically share their blood glucose results with doctors and diabetes educators. mySugr exports robust data in easy-to-read formats, for doctors to visualize health trends over time and readily spot any emerging issues between office visits or during virtual (or face-to-face) appointments.

Every moment counts—instead of spending precious time walking through accumulated data, remote sessions can focus on meaningful conversations and solutions.

Support at Your Employees' Doorsteps

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It's not just about getting out to see the doctor. Daily blood sugar testing provides the data that lets a person with diabetes know how they're managing, and getting out to get those supplies can be an issue. That's why RocheDiabetes Health Connection participants receive unlimited free Accu-Chek® testing supplies delivered right to their door—including Accu-Chek blood glucose meters and test strips.

Of course, diabetes is personal, and some people may prefer to use a meter they've grown accustomed to. If that's the case, chances are good that their existing meter will also connect to the mySugr app, so they can still connect to better outcomes.

What's more, as part of RocheDiabetes Health Connection, each employee is paired with a licensed personal diabetes coach, available 7 days a week. A great source of support between visits to the doctor, these coaches help employees set diabetes self-care goals that can help them achieve their doctors' recommendations, and help them problem-solve around any personal challenges arising from self-isolation, working from home or day-to-day obstacles.

RocheDiabetes Health Connection has always embraced the value of remote monitoring, support and supply delivery, making it easy for you to facilitate better remote diabetes management for employees in a snap. See if it's right for your employees. Schedule a 15-minute demo today.