Using Technology to Provide Personalized Diabetes Management

April 2021

It’s long been understood that diabetes takes many forms. Even beyond type 1 and type 2 which most Americans are aware of, there’s latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA), gestational diabetes and several other ways this complex disease manifests.

Modern medicine has developed unique treatments based on the different forms of diabetes. But even within a single form, diabetes care isn’t one-size-fits-all. The same diet or exercise routine might not be the right fit for two people even if they have type 2 diabetes in common.

That’s where RocheDiabetes Health Connection comes in. By putting technology to work, we can ensure that every person with diabetes has the personalized support they deserve — not just for the type of diabetes they have, but for the type of life they live.

A technology-driven approach to diabetes care
RocheDiabetes Health Connection is a robust benefits offering for employees with diabetes. It employs technology to add convenience to daily diabetes management, thanks to the free mySugr app.

mySugr turns your employees’ smartphones into a capable diabetes health companion. The app communicates seamlessly with blood glucose monitors to automatically log blood sugar data, and includes telehealth-like options including on-demand coaching. It even lets them share data with their healthcare providers to better prepare for doctor visits.

Leaning on technology has proven to dramatically improve outcomes for people with diabetes.

mySugr is a critical tool for the self-monitoring of blood-glucose, or SMBG, which results in better glycemic control and less worry over hypoglycemia.1

In one study, participants using a telehealth platform for a year achieved an average weight loss of 5.4%, compared to 2% in the comparison group.2 Simply having a tool that easily captures and displays diabetes data helps your employees make better-informed decisions and reduce their concerns about their blood sugar levels.

Our app, your blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meters are a fact of life for most people with diabetes. While they’re often no more than a small device that can be held in the palm of your hand, they’re an essential part of diabetes management on a daily basis.

As such an important part of diabetes health, blood glucose meters are an intimately personal device. Rather than ask people to change their device to work with technology, mySugr was developed to work with whatever blood glucose meter your employees are already using. mySugr is compatible with the most popular meters on the market, including the Accu-Chek® Guide and Accu-Chek Guide Me meters. People with diabetes don’t have to worry about buying and learning how to use a new meter to get access to convenient, personalized diabetes care with the mySugr app.

In-app coaching, and the personal reasons behind blood sugar
The impetus for a person to improve their diabetes health is often simple. While sometimes it might be as plainly stated as “I’d like to be in better shape” or “I’d like to get my blood sugar under control,” more often the inspiration is touchingly personal. For someone with type 2 diabetes, it might sound like “My son’s birthday is this weekend, and it would be wonderful if I had more energy for the party. And I wouldn’t mind eating a slice of cake, either.”

The personal drives behind better diabetes health can’t be denied, so personal support is the standard for diabetes care. mySugr puts your employees with diabetes in touch with a Certified Diabetes Educator® — real people who will coach your employees to help them achieve their daily diabetes health goals.

By connecting with Certified Diabetes Educators over text or video chat, people with diabetes can get meaningful support for what’s happening in their personal lives. Whether it’s spending time with loved ones or enjoying their hobbies, your employees can simply use their smartphone to get individualized support for the moments that are most meaningful to them.

Start putting technology to use for the benefit of your employees with diabetes. See how RocheDiabetes Care offers personalized support by scheduling a quick demo today.

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