Better for employees. Better for employers.

Watch how you can help employees with diabetes feel their best while controlling costs for your business.

Presenting customized, all-in-one diabetes support and remote monitoring

Population Management

Aggregated data from the entire patient population drives risk stratification.

Member Engagement

Includes the mySugr App, an Accu-Chek® Guide Me meter and unlimited test strips delivered at home.

Certified Coaching

Our Certified Diabetes Educators® work with your employees to set goals and improve outcomes.

Device Integration

Connects easily with most popular diabetes and health monitoring devices.

Better control translates to lower costs


Estimated HbA1c reduction


Participation in the mySugr program has been associated with significant reductions in estimated HbA1c at 16 weeks in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.1

 Up to $2,500

Lower healthcare costs for patients with uncontrolled diabetes following improved glycemic control1,2

It has also been shown that improving glycemic control can lower healthcare costs by up to $2,500 per patient in the first year following improvement.1,2

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Bankosegger R, Kober J, Mayer H. Sustainable improvement in quality of blood glucose control in users of mySugr's integrated diabetes management. mySugr 2019. Available at: https://assets.mysugr.com/website/mysugr.com-wordpress/uploads/2019/06/a.... Accessed August 16, 2019.

Bansal, Megha, et al. “Impact of Reducing Glycated Hemoglobin on Healthcare Costs Among a Population with Uncontrolled Diabetes.” Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, vol. 16, 23 June 2018, pp. 675–684., doi:https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs40258-018-0398-2.

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