The Daily Stakes of Diabetes in the Workplace

August 2020

It's not always easy for people with diabetes to get the support they need. Likewise, as an employer, you may not always feel equipped to provide true relief for your employees with diabetes. The RocheDiabetes Health Connection aims to change that.

Recently, we sat down with Bob Jarosinski, manager of new business development at Roche Diabetes Care. Jarosinski has been a member of the team for more than 13 years and has developed a keen understanding of diabetes in the workplace. With his insight, you can better understand how to provide meaningful benefits for your employees who manage diabetes every day.

A day in the life of an employee with diabetes

There are only so many hours in the day. And it might surprise you to find out just how many of those hours are spent managing the complexities of diabetes.

"Your employees with diabetes are just as busy as their peers, but they have a lot more on their plates every day," offers Jarosinski. "On top of their regular workload, they have to monitor their blood sugar, take prescribed medications and make constant decisions about what they put in their body."

And that's just during the 8-hour workday. 67% of employees with diabetes say that managing diabetes is like having a second job on top of their full-time employment.1 With so much time eaten up by work and disease management, it's no wonder so many people struggle to keep diabetes under control.

"When diabetes is left unmanaged or poorly managed, an individual's quality of life is significantly compromised," adds Jarosinski. "They're at a higher risk for developing other chronic diseases, and they rack up around $20,000 in medical expenses every year."

High stakes for your business

Ultimately, uncontrolled diabetes takes a toll on nearly every aspect of a person's life. Constant management can make it hard to bring one's best to daily life—much less work. Unfortunately, that can prove costly for employers.

"There's a direct correlation between uncontrolled diabetes and increased costs for employers," Jarosinski explains. "There are more sick days, unplanned hospital visits and a greater need for medications. The self-insured employer is responsible for the majority of those costs."

Beyond direct costs, uncontrolled diabetes can also spell a workplace that doesn't fire on all cylinders. Fatigue, understaffing and reduced productivity are all inevitable when employees with diabetes aren't given the support they need.

"This is not an insignificant portion of the population," notes Jarosinski. "Diabetes is considered uncontrolled in around 50% of all people with the disease.2 Chances are, this situation affects your business directly."

Meaningful support for employees with diabetes

Better quality of life, better health outcomes and better savings for your business all hinge on bringing diabetes under control. One of the most significant ways the RocheDiabetes Health Connection helps you move toward that goal is by leaning on the #1 name in diabetes management.

"Accu-Chek is the leading brand globally and our program puts the latest devices right into your employees' hands," says Jarosinski. "They even get unlimited Accu-Chek test strips delivered to their doorstep, so they can get the supplies they need without leaving the house." People with diabetes need these test strips—sometimes multiple times per day—to track how well they're controlling their diabetes.

The RocheDiabetes Health Connection empowers your employees to take control of their health, even in the extraordinary circumstances we're facing today. But now more than ever, healthcare provider guidance is vital to staying healthy.

"Remote healthcare is critical right now and there's no better tool for remote diabetes management than mySugr," adds Jarosinski. mySugr is a free app that helps employees stay closer in touch with their healthcare teams using just a smartphone.

"Your employees can automatically log blood sugar results on their smartphones and easily share that data with one of our Certified Diabetes Educators.® The provider can review timely data and proactively provide personalized coaching advice, safely and virtually."

Your employees aren't alone in facing diabetes. With trusted Accu-Chek testing supplies and coaching from a remote healthcare team, you can rest assured that you're providing your staff with the support they need to bring diabetes under control. With the RocheDiabetes Health Connection, you'll both see the difference.

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1The Roche Diabetes Care Survey was conducted online by Opinion Research Corporation among 502 adults ages 18 and older who are employed full-time or part-time and have either diabetes or pre-diabetes, between December 6-12, 2019, using an email invitation and an online survey.

2CDC. National Diabetes Statistics 2020. Available at: https://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/pdfs/data/statistics/national-diabetes-stat.... Accessed August 4, 2020.