What your employees with diabetes need
right now

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While some businesses and regions are reopening for face-to-face interactions, your employees with chronic conditions such as diabetes may be hesitant to return to the workplace or they may feel strongly about wearing masks and enforcing physical distancing.

As the company behind Accu-Chek® diabetes management products, we have deep insights into life with diabetes. We thought we could help you understand what people with diabetes are up against right now and why they may be reacting more strongly to the threat of COVID-19 compared to others. There are two key issues to consider:

  1. Diabetes puts people with diabetes at greater risk—Even though people with diabetes aren't more likely to get COVID-19, they are at higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms or complications if they do.1 Your employees are likely to be aware of this, and it can be causing fear and anxiety about interacting with others.
  2. Stress can affect how people manage their diabetes—Isolation and anxiety can impact how well a person takes the necessary steps to managing their diabetes.

    Generally speaking, keeping diabetes well-controlled requires:

    • Frequently checking blood sugar with supplies prescribed by a physician
    • Eating a healthy diet
    • Staying physically active
    • Taking insulin or medications as prescribed

While meal planning, exercise needs and treatment programs are different for everyone, if a person with diabetes doesn't stick to their regular routine, their blood sugar can spike and fall, leading to tiredness, headaches, difficulty concentrating and other issues.2 The stress and boredom of the pandemic can cause anyone to snack more or eat poorly, or take fewer steps each day, so you can imagine how it can impact a person with diabetes. What's more, if someone is afraid to go into a crowded pharmacy to refill diabetes testing supplies, it can become difficult to manage blood sugar levels and feel (and work) their best.

If you're interested in providing your employees with diabetes the support they need, consider the RocheDiabetes Health Connection program. Created as a way for companies to share our experience and resources with your employees, the program includes:

  • Live, remote coaching and support, available every day
  • Automatic data tracking via the popular mySugr App
  • Unlimited Accu-Chek diabetes management supplies

Diabetes affects a large proportion of the U.S. workforce—13% of adults live with the disease.3 Helping them manage all aspects of their condition can help them perform at their best and perhaps even reduce costly long-term health challenges. It's something you, and they, can feel good about.

See how the RocheDiabetes Health Connection can help you help your employees. It's easy—set up a quick, 15-minute demo today.

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